I'm Trying My Best

Hello friends! I know I missed a couple Saturday blogs; your girl was GOING THROUGH IT, but we're in the process of getting it back together. I have been experiencing a major transitional season in life, as many of us are, and I often find it difficult to gain my balance through it all. On the other hand, difficulty is not synonymous with impossibility. With that being said, every new second of this journey excites me more than the last!

Food for thought: Failure and defeat are not equivalent.

You are going to face countless trials and tribulations throughout your life. Remember, even in failure there is something to gain and learn. It is important that you stay rooted in your beliefs and values that strengthen you!

Doing the best you can is enough.

Yes, failure is a part of life, but how you choose to react during life's trying moments will determine whether you have accepted defeat or whether you have accepted the challenge!

KEEP PUSHING! You have the potential to become SO MUCH MORE than you even realize.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The release of So Much More, the illustrated poem, has been postponed till further notice. I am going the self-publishing route which means that I am solely responsible for creating and producing every aspect of this project, and I want to ensure that I am releasing the best products possible! Thank you for sticking with me through it all. <3 XOXO

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