So Much More, the illustrated poem and project, is finally LIVE!! Divine timing is the best timing. If it were all up to me, this book would have been available last year, but good things come to those who have the courage to change what they can, the serenity to accept what they cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference. I am learning!

I have a small bulk of books ready for sale to those who wish to purchase from me personally (also the more affordable option). I am also willing to do local deliveries in the Houston/Spring/Woodlands/Conroe area. Otherwise, you can purchase your very own copy of So Much More on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Thank you! I want to thank you in advance for supporting my passion project, whether that be by purchasing items or sharing So Much More with your friends and family. This project would remain a simple idea without your support, and I cannot thank you enough!

Project Background Info

So Much More started as a simple idea and has grown into something far greater than I could have ever imagined. Ultimately, with my illustrated poem book, I want to encourage women of color to embrace their unique qualities in a way that celebrates our beauty as a collective group, as well as our unique attributes as individuals. Yes, we are women, yes we have deeply woven cultural and ethnic ties, but we are also mothers, scientists, free spirits, artists, students, leaders, and SO MUCH MORE.

The So Much More Than Education Scholarship Fund is truly my own little passion project, and serves as a way to give back to my fellow college students using a portion of the revenue earned from So Much More, the project. It may be tough for many college students to financially sustain their education, especially during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, many post-secondary learners have been forced to postpone their academic and professional goals as a result of their financial situation. Together we can assist a student in making their goals and aspirations a reality.

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