Quit Because It SUCKS!

Wait it's about to be April already?!?!

UPDATE: Paperback copies of my illustrated poem, So Much More, are scheduled to go on sale March 31st (My BIRTHDAY!!) via Amazon KDP. As soon as the link goes live, I will share!!

I'll be truthful with you, I am hardly keeping up, but I am keeping up nonetheless (and at this moment, that is all that matters lol). It has been quite a while since I have updated or posted on the site, but a quote I read recently really sparked my interest. Of course I had to share!

It reads, "Never quit because something is difficult, quit because it SUCKS."- Unknown

My interpretation-

Never feel guilty for making life changes that are necessary for your peace, happiness, and overall growth as a person. As the quote states, don't allow yourself to bow down when faced with one of life's many unpredictable challenges. On the other hand, it takes great vitality and self-determination to allow yourself to let go of something that may no longer be "for you". -- This goes for relationships, that job/occupation that is completely disconnected from who you are and what you want to accomplish (BLOOP), and any other personal/professional practices that are not in your best interest.

Quit it sis!

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