Welcome Friend!

I am super excited that you are here! My name is Jordan Buchanan, and I am the creator of So Much More. With this project, I want to celebrate the beauty of women of color while also creating a sense of community, acceptance, and love for ALL people. I really want this post to serve as a simple introduction to the website and blog. Don't be shy, feel free to take a look around, tell me what you think, and introduce yourself under the Forum Tab. Also, please click on the Member Tab and create an account to help build this virtual community!

Future blogs will be posted on Saturdays and will include information on related products/events, brief biographies of historical women and men of color, self-help tips, and more!

My illustrated poem book, So Much More, is set to release on February 1st (specific links and release information are soon coming), and dates for related merchandise will follow!

Thank you for visiting my website, and thank you in advance for supporting this project! Remember to subscribe to the website via email to be notified about future posts and updates because there is #SOMUCHMORE to come!

Catch you later! ;)

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